Leading Teams

Getting things done, when you are not the boss. How communication, feedback and negotiation can help.

Oh no - Mirco-Managers

Have you ever had a boss micro-managing you? Here are some tips on how to turn the table and create your ideal working style-

Your network is your asset

Building and nurturing your network is crucial. And it is easier and more fun than you think.

A Career Path With Turns

Did you plan your career? How many turns did you foresee?

Would you cut your hair…

…to get the job you want? I did once - and don’t plan to do it again. Your appearance is a tool you can use to design your impact.

The Power Of The Pause

How often do you listen to you clients, colleagues and bosses. Let them do the talking and you asking “why - 7 times”?

Vacation - Inspiration

If you are inspired to read a book - here are the ones that made me change my behaviour in my professional and private life.

Vacation and Work

Do you work during your vacation? Here is my story, how I created the space I need to recharge and work a tiny focused bit.

Your Personal Brand

You always have a personal brand - a reputation that you can build and influence. Listen to this podcast interview on BrandsTalk.

Your Seat At The Table

Do you prefer going to the dentist more than salary negotiations? Let’s change this now.

Make your dream come true

Have you every created a vision board? I am using vision boards to keep my energy and motivation for realising my dreams.

Interview with Tulia

My professional story and communication experience. Interview with Tulia Lopez

Finding your expertise

At some stage in your career you will be asked to choose your field of expertise. But how do you narrow down your interests, that serves your career?


how kind are you - to yourself?

This week was a blast. After sending out the very first newsletter in my life, I was blown away by direct responses.  
I was in the flow - and my internal critic was very quiet.

Office Politics

Watch this creative speech I did on office politics. Let’s dance!

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